However far advanced you are in using Microsoft services, Leacam can take you to another level. As a Microsoft partner, familiar with its entire product ecosystem, we will implement and support the software and services that are the best fit for your business in terms of value and performance.

Our day-to-day support activities will help meet your business priorities:
  • Increase employee collaboration and productivity
  • Improve communications and customer experience 
  • Manage secure remote access and hybrid working
  • Integrate Microsoft products with third-party tools and systems

Cloud Services

Subscription services like Microsoft 365 provide many of the features and functionality a small business needs, but there are gaps and costs in the one-size-fits-all approach that we fix.

Microsoft 365

To encourage collaboration and productivity, we ensure every employee has the same high-quality experience, working when and where they want, without impacting security.

Power Platform

Take crucial steps in business transformation as we introduce automation and process improvement, along with business intelligence tools that everyone can use.

Dynamics 365

We have moved SMEs over from Salesforce to make huge cost savings, without compromising the CRM features and functionality that the business depends upon.

Microsoft Azure

We build apps hosted on Azure, help optimise what you already have there, and oversee first-time application migrations to the cloud that will make them future proof.
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Security is easier to maintain as part of Leacam’s SecureSupport Value Plans

Find out which plan is right for you

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