Navigating the world of software licensing is notoriously complicated. Just when you think you have it cracked it, contractual terms change forcing you to rethink your position. Our priority is making sure you never pay too much. Changing plans can cut licensing fees by more than 50%, huge savings that are linked to the security and support services we provide.

We help avoid the most expensive pitfalls:
  • Adjust your licensing requirements as the number of employees rises or falls
  • Ensure users are correctly licensed and compliant with Microsoft terms
  • Find a plan that encompasses the best security options for your business
  • Know when integration with other products may change licensing terms 
  • Understand how moving to the cloud will change your requirements
  • Miss money-saving opportunities though poor licence renewal management

Licensing Challenges

There are 1,300 different Microsoft licence combinations to choose from. Opting for E5 over E3 licences, for example, will determine the depth of your threat protection, which is why it’s important to align your plan to precise business requirements. 

Annual or monthly licences

Is it better for your business to take the cost savings of an annual licence feel or the agility of a monthly plan? We will examine the business case for each option.

Standard or premium

Products like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 are split into two tiers with many and complex variations in features and functionality that we will help you navigate.

Add-ons & customisation

Microsoft consistently introduces new features and updates to existing plans, which we will track and take advantage of if it benefits your business. 

Enterprise or business

Even though you are  a small company, your IT requirements may point towards the enterprise plan and more advanced features. We will assess the best fit for your business.

On-premise or cloud

We advise on the right type of plan, depending on existing infrastructure, budget considerations, and future plans that may include hybrid combinations of on-premise and cloud.

Renewals & transitions

Your company will evolve and so will your software requirements. Whether it’s moving applications to the cloud or taking advantage of discount offers, we’ll have it covered. 
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Choosing the right licences is made easier as part of Leacam’s SecureSupport Value Plans

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