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We focus on three key components of an effective IT function: Security, Support and Software Licensing. Inextricably linked in our SecureSupport Value Plans, our trio of services address the biggest IT challenge you face – achieving business resilience. To get there, you don’t have to spend more, you have to spend smarter.

Why our SecureSupport Value Plans matter

According to the World Economic Forum, more than twice as many SMEs as the largest organisations say they lack the cyber resilience to meet their critical operational requirements; half do not have or are unsure as to whether they have the skills they need to meet their cyber objectives. 

If you’re running your business on Microsoft, we can optimise the value as well as the performance of its software and services. The savings we help you make on licences allows us to bundle security and support together at no extra cost. An incremental process, it’s step-by-step change with gains at every phase, delivering value as well as business efficiency.

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Customer testimonials

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of clients say about our 3-in-1 SecureSupport Value Plans:

"We have partnered with Leacam for years. In that time, they have supported our growth and expansion across two separate office moves, whilst also managing all our IT Support, Security and Licensing. The Leacam Team are always available to support our needs and provide great insights into an ever-changing IT world, including advice and strategy on where and when we need to invest."

Conor Whelan Managing Director


"Leacam have looked after all our IT Support, Security, Licensing and Hardware needs for a couple of years now. They provided invaluable help during our expansion and move into our new office, and their Team are always on-hand to deliver first-class support."

Colin Gaynor Principal

"After a couple of misses with IT Support Partners, Leacam have been great. They helped us identify some shortcomings in our IT estate and delivered an upgrade project on time and on budget. They recently helped us fit our 4th office, taking care of everything IT related. They look after everything IT Support & Security, giving us peace of mind that our systems and people are looked after."

Karen Dale Head of Finance

Problem Solving

You’re not in the IT business, but we are. We’re specialists. Not only will we support your business, we can fulfil the role of IT manager, providing expertise across a range of challenges

Increasing cyber threats

We layer security to protect your most valuable assets from cybercriminals who target SMEs because they know they’re more vulnerable.

Managing data

We address challenges around where data resides and how it’s protected by matching solutions to business needs, such as GDPR.

Business disruption

Most SMEs are ill-prepared for outages from cyberattacks or natural disaster, which is why we tailor back-up solutions for worst-case scenarios.

Outdated/wrong software

We cut through licensing complexity, ensuring technology investments are up to date and optimised for value as well as performance.

Lack of internal skills

Skills shortages make it hard to find the right people to run your IT systems, a gap we fill with our 3-in-1 Secure Support Value Plans.

Budget constraints

A volatile economy limits how much can be invested in IT, which is why we make business change incremental and affordable. 
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Knowledge Sharing

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