A common mistake small businesses make is to assume Microsoft 365 back-up plans are sufficient to keep a business running in the event of an incident, and that all security needs are covered in the licence cost. The reality is that increasingly sophisticated attacks – from phishing to supply chains breaches – mean more layers are needed if your business is to be truly resilient.

We dig deeper into the risks & vulnerabilities:
  • Identify your most valuable assets and build a plan around them 
  • Ensure old systems and services are protected against new and emerging threats
  • Move from reactive to proactive defences to minimise threat impact 
  • Focus on sector-specific risks that will expose your business to attack
  • Resolve incident fasters by improving detection and response times

Threat Protection

Combining our knowledge of the threat landscape with Microsoft expertise, we address the biggest risks to your business.

Phishing & ransomware

Our service protects against unauthorised access to sensitive data that could lead to financial loss and compromised accounts.

Access & authentication

By enforcing more control over where data resides and who can access it, we lock down vulnerabilities that lead to data breaches.

Legal & reputational risk

By meeting legally binding responsibilities around GDPR and other legislation, we help avoid legal actions, fines, and reputational damage.

Unpatched software

We help avoid the risk of unpatched or bad software that leaves your business exposed to criminals who prey on poor IT support.

Backup & Recovery

We ensure an appropriate solution is in place if a system failure, cyberattack or natural disaster brings down your business. 

Supply chain vulnerabilities

We ensure SMEs involved in supply chains are not the weak link that cybercriminals target to breach an ecosystem of businesses. 
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Security is easier to maintain as part of Leacam’s SecureSupport Value Plans

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