Our team has decades of experience in software, support and security, working on the frontline of technology, developing skills that we now share with SMEs as we make them fit-for-purpose in the digital age. As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Microsoft partner, we encourage our clients to pursue a cloud-first strategy, built around Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Microsoft Azure. But it’s the starting point for a journey, not the final destination.

Every firm is different and needs to tailor its cloud services around its business. Some fundamental always apply, and that’s where we start with our 3-in-1 Secure Support Value Plan. To run IT systems you need support, and for support to be effective you need security. Our Security Support Value Plans inform software licensing to optimise the cloud environment, for value as well as performance. 

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Consolidated service

Instead of maintaining separate partners for support and security – where each partner takes time and effort getting to know your systems – Leacam consolidate the functions. Not only does this allow for better resource allocation and optimisation, it adds value because we make sure that you’re never paying too much for your licences. 

To arrive at a best-in-class IT environment that’s not just resilient but continually improves, we take time to understand your business requirements and align our services to tangible deliverables, whether it’s reducing costs, improving security, increasing efficiency, or a combination of the three that is the baseline for business resilience. 

Our Leadership Team

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Mark Darcy


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Andrew Kelly

Head of Security & Support

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Alison Darcy

Head of Procurement

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