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Introducing Secure Support

Recent published research tells a frightening story about the risk of cyber crime to Irish companies. In 2022, the average ransomware payment made by an Irish company was €22,773. 

In a time of tightening purses, small and medium companies in Ireland find it difficult to increase their IT spend, sometimes requiring a factor of 2 or 3 times the current IT budget to employ both an IT Support partner, and a traditional IT Security partner.

That's why we've created Secure Support - a single service combining all of the features of traditional IT Support, with Proactive Security Monitoring, Detection & Response.

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The Cyber-Security Risk


of Irish SMEs experienced cyber attacks in 2022.


of Irish SMEs that paid a ransom, were attacked again


of SMEs are prepared to defend themselves

236 Million

ransomware attacks globally in H1 of 2022


Combining IT Security & IT Support

Comprehensive Protection

Integrating IT support and IT security ensures a holistic approach to safeguarding your organisation's technology infrastructure. By combining these services, we establish a proactive defense mechanism that covers both day-to-day technical support and robust security measures.

Faster Incident Response

When IT support and IT security teams work together, incident response becomes more rapid and effective. Our Support experts can quickly identify and address security incidents while resolving technical issues, minimizing downtime, and reducing the impact of potential threats.

Proactive Threat Detection

Our Support Experts, who have insights into the day-to-day functioning of your organisation's systems, can identify potential vulnerabilities or suspicious activities and alert our Security Experts to investigate further, enabling early detection and mitigation of security risks.

Cost Efficiency

Combining IT support and IT security services leads to large cost savings. Instead of maintaining separate partners for support and security, with each partner spending time and effort getting to know your systems, consolidating these functions allows for better resource allocation and optimization.

Compliance and Risk Management

Integrating IT support and IT security services helps your organization meet regulatory compliance requirements and manage risks effectively. The collaboration between out IT Support and IT Security experts ensures that security measures are aligned with compliance standards, and potential risks are identified and mitigated in a timely manner.

Continual Improvement

When IT support and IT security teams work together, they can share insights and feedback, leading to continuous improvement. Our Support teams provide valuable input to our Security experts regarding system vulnerabilities and user behavior, enabling the implementation of enhanced security measures and better incident response procedures.

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