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Leacam are experts in the design and implementation of technology solutions for every office type. We have worked with companies Europe-wide to quickly and affordably get their Teams up and running with the correct technology for their specific needs.

A Sample of Recent Office Installations & Fit-outs

Global Telco expanding operations into Europe

A Global Telco was expanding into Europe, and turned to Leacam's Office Installation & Fit-Out services to help with the fit-out of IT equipment in 6 European locations - Spain, France, Malta, Cyprus, Italy and Ireland. We worked with the internal decision makers to design and implement a technical specification that was quick to setup, and repeatable. The Leacam Team procured, delivered and installed all equipment with an average project delivery time of 3 weeks.

Installed Hardware

  • 6 Yealink MVC840 Large boardroom systems.
  • 12 65" Vestel Displays.
  • 8 Yealink A20, with 55" Vestel Displays. 6 on Mobile carts.
  • 100 Keyboard & mouse, dockings stations, headsets & webcams. 
  • 100 Lenovo E14s.
  • 200 Monitors, with dual arm desk mounts.
  • Full High Availability Firewalls and Switching for all sites.
  • Wifi6, including site survey

Global finance consultants expanding existing office in Ireland

A Global financial consulting firm were expanding their existing small Irish operation, and needed the support of Leacam's Office Installation & Fit-Out services to procure, deliver and install the infrastructure for an additional 20 colleagues.

Installed Hardware

  • Yealink A20 installed on Mobile Cart with 55" Vestel Display
  • 40 monitors
  • 20 dual arm desk mounts
  • 20 Docking Stations, keyboard & mouse sets
  • 20 Lenovo E14

Rapidly expanding start-up opening first office

A rapidly expanding startup engaged Leacam's Office Installation & Fit-Out services to help with a move into their first office. Requirements included moving a server cabinet to a dedicate comms area, rewiring of all network points, installation of new network equipment, setting up desks for 25 colleagues and installing 2 boardroom conferencing systems - and it all needed to be ready within 2 weeks.

Installed Hardware

  • Yealink MVC840 with 65" Vestel Display
  • Yealink A20 with 65" Vestel Display
  • Full High Availability Firewall & Switching
  • WiFi 6 with a WiFi Survey
  • 10 Lenovo E14

Existing real-estate business moving to larger office

A long-established, market-leading, real estate agent needed help in moving from their existing serviced small single floor office to a full Georgian building. A full network design and implementation was needed, with WiFi surveying to cover the 4 floored office. Additional hardware was installed for each colleague to improve their efficiency and working conditions.

Installed Hardware

  • 30 monitors
  • 15 dual arm desk mounts
  • 15 docking stations, keyboard & mouse
  • Full Highly Available Firewall & Switching
  • WiFi 6 with WiFi survey

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